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How To Apply for Texas Lottery Commission Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Texas Lottery Commission (TLC). To be considered for a position, you must follow the agency standard procedures outlined below for submitting an application for a posted position. TLC will not consider you as an applicant if you submit a resume or letter of interest without a State of Texas application. TLC also does not send out response letters to applicants who only submit resumes, so please follow the instructions below on how to apply for TLC posted positions.

The State of Texas Application for Employment is required in order to apply for any open position. This application form may be obtained by downloading the application from the TLC website, at www.workintexas.com, or in person at Lottery Headquarters, any Lottery Claim Center, or Texas Workforce Commission offices throughout the State.

All job postings are identified by a specific job title and job posting number. Applications for employment must reference a specific job title and job posting number and must have an original signature. Applications not providing this information will not be considered. If you are interested in applying for more than one position, you must submit a separate application for each position, referencing the particular job title and job posting number. Resumes may be attached to an application, but will not be considered in lieu of a completed application. Please do not substitute the words "see resume" on the application. You must complete the entire application. 

TLC job openings are posted on our website and at www.workintexas.com. You may also call 1 (800)-375-6886 to reach the TLC Job Line. These sources are updated as positions become available.

A completed State of Texas Employment application must be received in the TLC's Human Resources Division in Austin, Texas or any Lottery Claim Center statewide by 5:00 p.m. on the posting's closing date.  Applications may also be submitted electronically through the Texas Workforce Commission's workintexas.com online system by 11:59 p.m. of the closing date stated on the job posting. When a job opening is posted Open Until Filled, it is best to apply as quickly as possible, as the posting may close or be placed on-hold at any time with or without prior notification. 

Applications can be mailed to: Texas Lottery Commission, Human Resources Division, Post Office Box 16630, Austin, Texas 78761-6630.

Applications submitted via express or overnight delivery mail services should be mailed to: Texas Lottery Commission, Attention: Human Resources, 611 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

At this time, applications will NOT be accepted via fax or email. Applicants are responsible for timely delivery of applications by the deadline.

Instructions for Completing the State of Texas Application for Employment

All applicants should submit a thoroughly completed State of Texas Application for Employment, with an original signature, each time you apply for a position.  You may make copies of the application and enter different position titles, but each copy must have an original signature and correct job posting number.

Review the job posting and be careful to note any education, certificates, licenses, training, or specific experience/skills required for the position.  Copies of college transcripts, certifications, and/or licenses must be attached to the application, if specified in the job posting. 

Occasionally a job posting will require typing tests or samples of related work as a qualification. Follow the instructions on the job posting to meet these requirements. TLC only accepts typing tests administered by the Texas Workforce Commission. 

Please be aware that additional information or documents will not be accepted for purposes of determining eligibility after the closing date.

Under the section “Special Training/Skills/Qualifications,” please list all job related trainings, skills, machines or office/computer equipment you can use, and include the specific types of software and hardware you have experience in using.

Be specific and detailed when providing information in the employment history section.  Include all employment.  Begin with your current or last position and work back to your first.  Employment history should be included for each position held, even those with the same employer.  List each position separately and indicate the dates for each position held.  In order to receive full credit for employment experience, include the month/day/year of starting and leaving dates. 

When specifying hours worked per week, you must indicate the standard or average hours worked in order to be given credit for work experience.

The information included in the employment history section of the application will be the official record of your employment experience.  It must accurately reflect all significant duties performed.   

Summaries of experience must be clear and detailed and must specifically state the duties you actually performed.  Include details about your job experience as it relates to the minimum requirements listed on the job posting.  No assumptions will be made. 

If you need additional space to adequately describe your employment history, you may use an employment history continuation sheet or attach a typed employment history providing the same information in the same format as the application form.

Screening for work experience is based on the information listed in the employment history section.  Only verifiable paid work experience will be considered in the screening process.  Credit for work experience will not be granted for volunteer or unpaid internship experience.

Qualified applicants selected for interviews will be contacted by the hiring department. Only applicants interviewed will be notified of their selection or non-selection. Final selection for the position will be subject to an extensive criminal background investigation. Inquiries regarding the status of an application will be answered as time and agency resources allow.

The Texas Lottery Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).