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Recent Texas Lottery Rulemaking Proceedings

This page lists the TLC's recent rulemaking proceedings to change or delete existing rules, or to add new rules. Rules listed on this page have been approved for submission to the Texas Register for publication for public comment. Except where noted, these proposals have not been adopted.

The column headings indicate the status of each rule proceeding. For rules that have been published in the Texas Register, a link is provided to the Texas Register issue.

For rules that have been adopted, the last two columns link to the Texas Register issue which includes the adopted rule and indicate the effective date for the rule. Dates on which rules are proposed and/or adopted at commission meetings are not posted until the rule has been published in the Texas Register. Rulemaking information will be maintained on this page for a period of approximately one year for reference purposes. 

For more information please feel free to contact our office at 512-344-5000.

Explanation of Texas Lottery Rulemaking Proceedings Table

Proposed Rules

TAC Section Number Rule Title and Contact Person Proposal Approved at Commission Meeting for Submission to the Texas Register Proposal Published in the Texas Register Public Comment Hearing Comment Period Ends Adoption Approved at Commission Meeting Adoption Published in Texas Register Effective Date of Adoption
Amendments to §§ 401.305, .312, and .317 "Lotto Texas" Draw Game Rule, "Texas Two Step" Draw Game Rule, and "Powerball" Draw Game Rule (Kyle Wolfe) 12/03/20 12/18/20 n/a 01/18/21 02/11/21

Amendments to §§ 402.200, .300, .301, .400, .401, .404, .408, .420, .450, .451, .502, .503, .511, .601, .602, .700, .702, and .703

General Restrictions on the Conduct of Bingo; Pull-Tab Bingo; Bingo Card/Paper; General Licensing Provisions; Temporary License; License Classes and Fees; Designation of Members; Qualifications and Requirements for Conductor’s License; Request for Waiver; Operating Capital; Charitable Use of Net Proceeds Recordkeeping; Bingo Gift Certificates; Required Inventory Records; Interest on Delinquent Tax; Waiver of Penalty, Settlement of Prize Fees, Rental Tax, Penalty and/or Interest); Denials; Suspensions; Revocations; Hearings; Disqualifying Convictions; and Audit Policy (Tyler Vance) 08/06/20 08/21/20 09/09/20 09/21/20 10/01/20 10/16/20 10/22/20
Amendments to §§ 401.158, .160, .301, .302, .304, .305, .307, .308, .312, .315, .316, .317, .320, .321, .322, .351, .353, .355, .363, .366, and .368 Suspension or Revocation of License; Standard Penalty Chart; General Definitions; Scratch Ticket Game Rules; Draw Game Rules (General); "Lotto Texas®" Draw Game Rule; "Pick 3" Draw Game Rule; "Cash Five" Draw Game Rule; "Texas Two Step" Draw Game Rule; "Mega Millions" Draw Game Rule; "Daily 4" Draw Game Rule; "Powerball®" Draw Game Rule; "All or Nothing" Draw Game Rule; Instant Game Tickets Containing Non-English Words; "Texas Triple Chance" Draw Game Rule; Proceeds from Ticket Sales; Retailer Settlements, Financial Obligations, and Commissions; Restricted Sales; Retailer Record; Compliance with All Applicable Laws; and Lottery Ticket Vending Machines (Kyle Wolfe) 06/11/20 06/26/20 n/a 07/26/20 08/06/20 08/21/20 08/30/20
  • You may submit a comment by:
  • Facsimile to (512) 344-5189, Attn: General Counsel - Rulemaking;
  • United States Mail to: General Counsel - Rulemaking, Texas Lottery Commission,
    P.O. Box 16630, Austin, TX 78761-6630; or
  • Email legal.input@lottery.state.tx.us