All or Nothing™ Morning, Day, Evening and Night Download Pre-test Results

The comma separated values file you can download here contain pre-test results from all All or Nothing Morning, All or Nothing Day, All or Nothing Evening, or All or Nothing Night drawings. The information in the files is organized in the following manner, one row for each drawing:

Game Name, Month, Day, Year, Test Number, Machine, Machine Used, Primary Ball Set, Primary Ball Set Used, Alternate Machine, Alternate Machine Used, Alternate Ball Set, Alternate Ball Set Used, Num1, Num2, Num3, Num4, Num5, Num6, Num7, Num8, Num9, Num10, Num11, Num12, Re-test

All or Nothing Morning: Download File
All or Nothing Day: Download File
All or Nothing Evening: Download File
All or Nothing Night: Download File
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