Pick 3™ Morning, Day, Evening and Night Download Current and Past Pre-test Results

The comma separated values file you can download here contain current and past pre-test results from all Pick 3 Morning, Pick 3 Day, Pick 3 Evening or Pick 3 Night drawings. The information in the files is organized in the following manner, one row for each drawing:

Game Name, Month, Day, Year, Test Number, Machine, Machine Used, Ball Set 1, Ball Set 1 Used, Ball Set 2, Ball Set 2 Used, Ball Set 3, Ball Set 3 Used, Alternate Machine, Alternate Machine Used, Alternate Ball Set 1, Alternate Ball Set 1 Used, Alternate Ball Set 2, Alternate Ball Set 2 Used, Alternate Ball Set 3, Alternate Ball Set 3 Used, Num1, Num2, Num3, Sum It Up, Re-test


Pick 3 Morning: Download File
Pick 3 Day: Download File
Pick 3 Evening: Download File
Pick 3 Night: Download File
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