Supporting Texas Veterans!

Games Supporting Texas VeteransThe Texas Lottery offers Scratch tickets which support the Texas Veterans Commission's Fund for Veterans' Assistance. This fund awards grants to local government agencies and non-profit organizations to address the needs of Texas Veterans and their families in your community.

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Games Supporting Texas Veterans


Start: 5/18/2020
View Ticket Details for Emerald 8s
Emerald 8s
Game No. 2220
Ticket Price: $2
Start: 3/16/2020
View Ticket Details for Sizzling Hot 7s
Sizzling Hot 7s
Game No. 2204
Ticket Price: $2
Start: 1/20/2020
View Ticket Details for Hearts
Game No. 2198
Ticket Price: $2


Start: 12/16/2019
View Ticket Details for Wild Cash
Wild Cash
Game No. 2115
Ticket Price: $2
Start: 10/21/2019
View Ticket Details for Veterans Cash
Veterans Cash
Game No. 2179
Ticket Price: $2