News about winners, winning tickets remaining, new games, and more.


December 08-January 09 (PDF file)

  • Quick and easy prize claims!
  • Three big scratch-off winners!
  • Winners' stories

October-November (PDF file)

  • New holiday scratch-off games!
  • Try the new Check-a-Ticket terminals at your local retailer!
  • Winners' stories

June-July (PDF file)

  • Avoid Lottery Scams!
  • Three big winners!
  • More winners' stories

April-May (PDF file)

  • New Indiana Jones TM Scratch-Off ticket !
  • Four big winners!
  • More winners' stories

February-March (PDF file)

  • Winning with Daily 4 TM!
  • Four big scratch-off winners!
  • More winners' stories

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